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The success of an internet presentation not only depends on the design of a website, which generally is being understood as Webdesign.

The "internal" standard developed by piperweb.de, which we call sucessfully orientated Webdesign considers as a full-service Webdesign agency "generally" much more factors.

Therefore more values result long-term as winning new customers and a good customer binding.

Please find below relevant factors of successfully orientated Webdesign, which we will explain shortly:

Even if all stated factors are "well" considered and are realised correspondingly, you have to consider only in case of the factor "finding" and/or top placing at Google more than 100 individual factors in order to list your website under the first 30 hits.

A study of the marketing research company Fittkau & Maaß, Hamburg dated May 2003 showed, that 71 % of internet visitors cannot work any longer without the internet. Furthermore it was stated, that 70 % of all internet users search online for product information preparing their purchases.

Totally 36 million of Germans search (according to AGIREF-study ORM 2003 II) via search machines for information in the internet every week.

But, what happened when a presentation was found?

  • but loading time of the page lasts long,
  • or the user cannot find his way through your presentation,
  • or the user judges from the unprofessional transmission of the website to the professionalism of your company?

The solution is very easy:
Your potentional customer turns to your competition by only one click!

You are of the opinion that this is an exception? Unfortunately you are wrong. The most biggest part of company's presentations are made insufficiently regarding functionality and/or factors, which have to be considered necessarily. This was stated again and again over the years (2000 until today) in the online statistics of ARD and ZDF.

We also stated among various Website analysises, that still a high percentage of enterprises, who show themselves in the internet, have faulty imprint data, which can result in high reminder fees.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Only if your website
will be found at Google
and other search engines in the theme,
your company can be considered by potential new customers.

Upon request piperweb.de guarantees you a top placing.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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