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Search engine optimization / SEO

The search engine optimization of a Website begins already with the conception of a project. Which further things we consider are listed below. We kindly ask for comprehension, that we cannot name all factors at this place.

Already with the conception we fix the catchwords with our customers, among which the presentation should be found and afterwards take care of that the catchwords will be really found within the presentation (by the search engine).

  • appearance of catchwords in the content range (text)
  • right fixing of the page title and the description for the search engines (Meta-day "title", "description", etc.
  • fixing of the HTML-headings (H1-H6)
  • right formatting of the catchwords in the text range
  • forwardings without Meta-Refresh-order
  • menue transformation with context-links
    (without Javascript)
  • no transfer on frame basis

A "belated" search engine optimization is only in few cases long-lasting. So-called SEOs (abbreviation for "search engine optimizers") offer you measures for a better placing of your internet presentation at Google. Unfortunately howerver, there exist many "black sheep" in this range.

Therefore please let you show in any case "durable" references and check the made data.

Many measures, which were made only for optimization of a website, may result to be cut off the search result lists at Google long-lasting (black list)!

Web master and web designer, who are busy with the realisation of "foundable" internet presentations since long, know that a HTML-programming is not really a programming, but a right formatting of text contents (therefore HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language). If headings or menue links as graphics are finished (this is being made by many print agencies), a search engine can nothing and/or can only make little use of it.

On this occasion we should like to invite you to come to our premises at Hameln. We will show you many own Website projects with Google TOP-placings among many millions of hits. Some over the years long-lasting TOP-placed websites also under "50 millions" and/or "1 milliard hits" at Google. Please test us. We also would like to visit you at your company and inform you without engagement.

Web Design by piperweb.de

The most important part for a TOP-placed Website are the main contents, the structure of the Website, internal and external links.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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