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The design of a website should underline the reliability of a company.

Design of a Website

The design and/or the layout of a presentation should mainly underline besides the theme of the page the seriousness of a company.

In case of a presentation "ready made" and/or according to the "building-block systems" you may not expect, that a high recognition value to the Corporate Design of a company is given.

Gadgetry on a company's presentation should be avoided. Rotating 3D-logos are not needed by anyone and occur only higher loading times of pages - blinking and floundering elements (banner ad) do not cause a higher attention, but the change to a presentation of the competition.

A presentation with various awards with regards to the layout does not lead automatically to new customer contacts, as far as it is "highly traceable and/or search engine optimised." It has to be marketed separately via expensive Cross Media measures (printed advertisement, direct mailings, etc.) first.

Do not fool yourself by your agency, but look at reference presentations already realised and talk to the one or other customer of the agency - many agencies earn their money with Cross Media Measures to market bad-made presentations.

piperweb.de develops each presentation individually and adapted to the requirements of our customers and their audience, so that you really reach them and a contact will be realised whatever may develop later on.

Web Design by piperweb.de

Within a company's presentation times of playing in the internet
are over.

Please better play with your children than with the nerves of your potential customers and present your company seriously in the internet - or, maybe, you are a producer
of toys.

webdesign by piperweb.de

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