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The treatment of your websites with an editorial system or also Content Management System.

Editorial system and
Content Management System

Meanwhile there are good reasons to use an editorial system (or Content Management System / CMS) within the framework of a company's presentation. Expecially in case of big companies with foreign agencies enable their own staff members to modify immediately the contents of the presentation (without agency help).

This is normally only possible by means of an editorial system to be easy to handle. Thereby the contents are being filed in a databank and according to the Templates (layout sample for the system) dynamically shown in the internet. As the contents are being separated from the layout of the presentation, the whole content of the presentation has not been adjusted again in case of a later re-design. In case of companies' presentations with several hundred pages of content an enormous cost advantage results.

Unfortunately there are only a few providers in the market, who developed a system, which issues the data statically (for consideration by the search engines). If not, a search engine-spider does not find "any contents" on your internet presentation, because data files are not being browsed.

Even though the opinions are divided on the interface of such systems. For editorial systems, which are in any order scalable, easily handable and which contents are being released search engine optimised, you have to pay "very high" licence fees - for open-source systems as typo3 you have to calculate high installation fees, if handling as well as usability should be considered appropriately.

piperweb.de should like to consult you before the chose of the right editorial systems/content management systems for your internet presentation. Besides a training regarding the use of the system we give you also instructions how the usability of your website grows with increasing volume!

Web Design by piperweb.de

The use of an Content Management System only amortize in case of very large websites.

Without the right issue of data in static form there is most often no chance on a good placing at the search engines.

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