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The team of piperweb.de is only satisfied, even when our customers are satisfied. As only happy customers are really satisfied customers, we take our customer service very serious and this reflects clearly in the feedback of our customers.

Please find below some extracts
of the feedback of our customers:
Glas-Innengravur und Glas-Oberflächenbearbeitung mit 3D Laser-Systemen und Laser Glasbearbeitungsmaschinen von CERION - Die CERION Gmbh entwickelt 3D Laser, 3D Lasergravur bzw. 3D Lasersysteme zur industriellen Flachglasbearbeitung. Egal ob Glas auf der Oberfläche mattiert oder im Inneren 3-dimensional strukturiert, ob es berührungslos gebohrt oder in komplexe Formen geschnitten werden soll - selbst die Gestaltung kompletter Glasfassaden, egal ob Sicherheitsglas bzw. Verbundglas oder Isolierglas, ist über CERION 3D Laser-Systeme zur Glasbearbeitung berührungslos möglich. CERION Lasersysteme zur industriellen Glasbearbeitung und Glas-Innengravur.

CERION GmbH, Minden

Nachdem trotz enormer Investitionen im Bereich der Google-Werbung die darüber generierten Anfragen zuletzt dramatisch abgefallen sind, erzielen wir nun täglich Anfragen, sowohl im Segment der Kompakt-Lasersysteme, als auch bei unseren Lasersystemen zur industriellen Flachglasverarbeitung.

Unsere - von elf42 entwickelten Präsentationen - sind mittlerweile in einem, für uns vorher nicht vorstellbarem Maße, weltweit im Thema bei Google auf der ersten Seite platziert.

Großes Lob und meine absolute Empfehlung!

Andreas Wienkamp
CERION Laser Technology

Lübbecker Straße 240, 32429 Minden, Tel. +49 (0) 57 1 - 38 863-0

Sanitär Hameln mit Leckortung und Bautrocknung mit Heizung Hameln

Holger Brockmann

"Meanwhile a big part of our new customers, who does not come from my town, are coming via our website.

Thereby we also observe, that our website has a posistive impact by mouth-to-mouth recommendations. These recommendations to our very nice website result in accolade."

Holger Brockmann
Schulstr. 6, 31860 Emmerthal - Börry, Tel. 0 51 57 - 13 32

Futterrohre - Dichtungstechnik für Hameln

Krause Dichtungstechnik

"Regarding the means we used so far, the new performance
of our website is more effective than the fair presence
on a big trade fair."

Hermann Krause Dichtungstechnik
Freibusch 1, 31789 Hameln, Tel. 0 51 51 - 8 22 58 - 0

Möbelbau und Innenausbau vom Tischler für Hannover - Hildesheim

Tischlerei Krüger GmbH

According to customer's visit of 09. june 2011:

"The realisation of our company's homepage was the
best investment in sales promotion during the past 10 years."

Tischlerei Krüger GmbH
Industriestr. 7, 31061 Alfeld, Tel. 0 51 81 - 85 35 - 0

Naturstein - Grabmale und Skulpturen vom Steinmetz aus Hannover

Karches Natursteinbetrieb

"We get much positive feedback on our websites and hear
very often from our customers, that our internet presenation
is the most informative site of our branch in this region.
Thus we got some additional orders."

Karches Natursteinbetrieb
Baumarktstraße 3, 30823 Garbsen, Tel. 0 51 37 - 1 38 39

Catering - Partyservice und Fleischerei in Uetzen

Fleischerei Lindemann

"We wonder, that almost older people become our customers because of our internet presentation.

Some customers are coming with printed websites to our shop
to order something."

Fleischerei Lindemann
Sägemühlenstraße 14, 31311 Hänigsen, Tel. 0 51 47 - 2 16

Holzbau für Carports in der Zimmerei in Celle

Niebuhr Zimmerei GmbH

"Meanwhile we get regularly inquiries on the theme additions and rebuildings from the region of Hannover, which are coming all from the web."

Niebuhr Zimmerei GmbH
Vorbruch 2, 29227 Celle, Tel. 0 51 41 - 8 40 55

Fachanwalt - Familienrecht - Hannover
Rechtsanwalt - Notar - Bad Pyrmont

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Berghof

Mr. Limbeck,

we had a totally positive feedback from our clients so far. Every second contacted me to the very reputable designed and informative homepage of an advocate. When thinking about it, that I got eight new clients during the last six weeks through this, it was really an excellent investment.

Moreover we got for our office at Bad Pyrmont our first mandates due to our second advocate homepage. My collegue, Mr. Welger and I never expected, that this would happen. Also here we are placed TOP in the search engines.

Dr. Berghof

Dr. Berghof, Rechtsanwalt
Bödekerstraße 84, 30161 Hannover, Tel. 0 511 - 357 79 46 - 36

Welger + Dr. Berghof
Kirchstraße 22, 31812 Bad Pyrmont, Tel. 0 52 81 - 96 11 17

Für Ihre Wintergärten und Markisen mit Sonnensegel

Wintergartenzentrum Münsterland

Dear Mr. Limbeck,

most of our new customers are coming from our highly traceable internet presentation to us. This fact brougth us a very good year.

Claus Kaperschmidt

Wintergartenzentrum (transl. winter garden center) Münsterland
Hans-Geiger-Str. 50, 48291 Telgte, Tel. 0 25 04 - 88 04 - 0

Bestatter für Bestattungen - Hameln

Bestattungen Bartels

Hallo Herr Limbeck,

our website is not only accepted excellently by our customers but also our staff speaks of a very beautiful designed website. As we already got some orders by our website due to the good placing under "burials Hameln", we think it was a profitable investment.

Gunda Bartels

Bestattungsinstitut (transl.: burials) Bartels
Hohe Linden 4, 31789 Hameln, Tel. 0 51 51 - 9 86 80

Hausbau vom Maurer aus Melle

Maurerbetrieb Alan Berry

Dear Mr. Limbeck,

we are super satisfied with our website. It is very professional and already creates acclamation by our customers. Due to the good ranking at Google we already got three new orders. Also the good collaboration with your journalist, who took care of us very good, may be worth to be mentioned.

Alan Berry

Alan Berry Maurerbetrieb
An der Lake 8, 29229 Celle-Scheuen, Tel. 0 50 86 - 29 02 36

Badsanierung für Bad und Bäder  - Hannover

Behrens Sanitär- und Gasheizungstechnik

Hello Mr. Limbeck,

We ask every new customer, how he found us and we noted since long, that approx. 60 % of all new customers reach us in our bathroom showroom by an internet research.

Ingo Behrens

Behrens Sanitär- und Gasheizungstechnik GmbH (transl.: bathroom renovation)
Neue Straße 15, 30880 Laatzen, Tel. 05 11 - 600 14 11

Blechverarbeitung - Blechbearbeitung aus Hannover

R+G Metallbau GmbH

Hello Mr. Limbeck,

our website is well received by our customers. It is amazing to see, with which term combinations we are placed in the search engines and where the website visitors are coming from.

With best regards,
Andeas Randolph

R+G Metallbau (transl. metal construction) GmbH
Deastr. 9, 29323 Wietze, Tel. 0 51 46 - 91 95 30

Hotelwäsche und Mietwäsche von der Wäscherei - Hameln

Wäscherei Schaper

Hello Mr. Weber,

we are highly satisfied with our website and expressively with the feedback. We certainly had ten inquiries and three were successful. This seems to be only little, but it is not so. Our customer relations are regularly constant and long lasting, so that the costs for this website have already been amortised since long.

Karsten Schaper

Wäscherei (transl.: laundry) Schaper,
Emmerstraße 18, 31812 Bad Pyrmont,
Tel. 0 52 81 - 47 08

Steuerberater - Höxter - Holzminden

Steuerberater Berg

Good morning Mr. Limbeck,

today I wish to give you a really positive message. Yesterday I got my first, little new mandate on basis of my homepage and thus thanks to the excellent work of your team.

The client picked three tax accountants out of the internet and then decided for me, because I have the best internet presentation according to her statement.

I honestly admit, that I am very happy for this. Again many thanks to you and of course to your team.

With best regards,
Steuerberater Roland Berg

Richard-Wagner-Str. 2, 31785 Hameln, Tel. 0 51 51 - 40 56 57

Ferienwohnung - Ferienhaus in St. Peter Ording

Ferienwohnung und Ferienhaus
in St. Peter-Ording

Good evening Mr. Weber,

thank you for the successful design and placing of our homepage: www.ferienwohnung-springe.de www.stb-krieger.de; www.haus-duenenkieker.de;

Within very short time - much below the stated lead time by you - we are placed at Google on the first page with the agreed and given search items. This already led to more inquiries and bookings of our holiday flats and our tax office.

I can recommend you and piperweb.de with your always friendly and dedicated staff without restrictions. Our expectations were highly exceeded. (Although we had been doubtfull in the beginning, if things would become true, which you announced and promised us.)

Therefore again: Highly recommendable without restrictions!

With cordial regards from the Deister
Christa Krieger

Bohlweg 20, 31832 Springe OT Völksen, Tel. 0 50 41 - 999 55

Partyservice - Catering in Hannover

Partyservice Herfort

Dear Mr. Limbeck,

at this place I should like to give you a feedback
of the work of your company:

We had already the first inquiry from a bigger company from Hannover, who was interested in a catering for an event, due to the very high finding of our building lot website www.partyservice-herfort.de when our real website was still being programmed. The good placing at Google offers us many inquiries for sucking-pig on a spit or catering service beyond the region Hannover.

All in all we are very satisfied and especially our customers with the design and layout of our websites. Customers very often approach us regarding our good looking website. Especially we should mention, that our internet presentation is being accepted very good and professionally by big companies and organizers. Meanwhile we refer to offers of our website in case of inquiries by phone. This saves us sending brochures and offers in many cases.

Many thanks to you and your Webdesign team for the realisation.

Dietmar Herfort

Herfort - Partyservice
Am Markt 17, 31832 Springe, Tel. 0 50 41 - 27 47

Blockhaus und Holzhaus in Hannover

Grave Holzhäuser

Hello, Ms. Krauße,

We are very satisfied with the design of our company's homepage www.grave-holzhaeuser.de.

The layout designed by you makes our framehouses and other products aware in a very good manner. Moreover the successfull realisation of our own ideas and the very kind contact to you and Mrs. Rolff, for which we should like to thank you very much.

The number of visitors of our website already increased in the first weeks and we sold first houses due to the offers of this website. Many customers already contacted us thereof as well as because of the site offers.

Many greetings to Hameln
Tanja Grave

Grave Holzbauvertrieb GmbH
Heilswannenweg 48, 31008 Elze, Tel. 0 50 68 - 92 91 - 0

Prophylaxe und Zahnimplantate in Bad-Münder

Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Kinast

Hello Mr. Weber,

my husband and I wish to thank you for the extraordinary good collaboration with your company piperweb.de during the realisation of a practice homepage!

Our order was settled in an obliging and promptly way by you and your always friendly staff. We never felt, that our wishes of modification taxed your patience.

The result exceeded our expectations and until now we only got positive feedback. As far as new patients will find their way to us through the homepage will show the next few months. We will keep you informed.

Moreover we wish to thank Ms.Stefansky and Ms.Krauße; logo, business card and homepage are extraordinary!

We count on a further good collaboration.

With best regards,
Carola A. Nazir-Kinast u. Detlef Kinast

Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Kinast
Kirchhof 8, 31848 Bad Münder, Tel. 0 50 42 - 15 53

Innenputz - Putz aus Bocholt

Putzgeschäft Schilling GmbH

Hello Mr. Limbeck,

we are very satisfied with the appearance of our website. Moreover we are very satisfied with the placing at the search engines.

The creation of the websites was very uncomplicated, because your staff always had a positive response for improvements, corrections or proposals. Furthermore we had never the feeling to call at an unsuitable moment - all requests were settled always friendy and promptly.

Everybody who visited our website said that it is extraordinary good looking and shows professional competence.

Many thanks!
Karin Schilling

Putzgeschäft Schilling GmbH
Albert-Stolte-Str. 10, 46399 Bocholt, Tel. 0 28 74 - 42 60

Der Specksteinofen aus Hameln

DÖLLING Specksteinöfen

Hello Mrs. Buntrock,

inquiries from our potential buyers clearly increased due to our new homepage. Our good placing at Google enables our potential customers to find us in the internet - whereever they come from. This is of big importance for us especially in our profession. Our internet presentation is our exhibition forum in the virtual world.

Angelika Dölling

DÖLLING finnische Specksteinöfen und Betonwaren e.K.
Weserstraße 69, 32689 Kalletal, Tel. 0 57 55 - 225

Badsanierung für Bad und Bäder  - Hannover

Behrens Sanitär- und Gasheizungstechnik

Dear Mrs. Kunkel,

the complete presentation is really beautiful. We notice this, because our customer feedback increased. Our regular customers praise the internet presentation regarding the optic and clearness.

Ingo Behrens

Behrens Sanitär- und Gasheizungstechnik GmbH
Neue Straße 15, 30880 Laatzen, Tel. 05 11 - 600 14 11

Möbelbau und Innenausbau vom Tischler für Hannover - Hildesheim

Tischlerei Krüger

Dear Mrs. Stefansky,

everything is wonderful.
There is no need to make a big think of it - that simply suits.

Detlef Krüger

Tischlerei Krüger GmbH
Industriestr. 7, 31061 Alfeld, Tel. 0 51 81 - 85 35 - 0

Brandschutztür - Jalousie aus Hannover

Gleue und Willeke Metallbau

Dear Mr. Limbeck,

your services are called by us a well and truly story. The total package is right. We already got numerous more inquiries by e-mail.

Metallbautechn.-Meister Michael Gleue
Metallbaumeister Tobias Willeke

Gleue + Willeke Metallbau GmbH
Kochslandweg 24, 30823 Garbsen, Tel. 0 51 37 14 02 0

Hochzeit und Tagung im Hotel Bergeshöhe Mettingen

Hotel Bergeshöhe

We are very satisfied with the realisation of our website. Your service is very good and our guests are excited.

Gerda Kerklau

Hotel Bergeshöhe
Ibbenbürener Straße 78, 49497 Mettingen, Tel. 0 54 52 - 39 36

Katzen in Niedersachsen und NRW

Hannoverscher-Katzen-Club e.V.

Our wishes are realised very well. Our members only reacted positively so far. The layout is well received and also the design is very clear.

Ole-Peter Bona

1st Chairman, Hannoverscher Katzen-Club e.V.
An der Gronau 7, 25479 Ellerau, Tel. 0 41 06 - 7 16 61

Industriebedarf - Arbeitsschutz in Hannover - Hameln

Heinrich Recker GmbH

Hello Mr. Weber,

the whole investment was more than profitable for us. Besides many small orders, now we got also a big one due to our new homepage. With payment in advance and everything else. I am very satisfied. Follow-up orders came in additionally.

And our placement at Google is optimal - as promised.
I like to recommend you.

Frank Arnemann

Heinrich Recker GmbH & Co. KG
Dieselstraße 4, 31789 Hameln, Tel. 0 51 51 - 75 58

Tischler und Tischlerei in Hameln

Haus & Holz

We are very satisfied with your work. Such an ideal internet agency like piperweb.de can be recommend by us with good grace. We have been contacted by many sides how interesting and good our homepage was designed. This means for us not only an image plus, but also an increase in customers.

Bernhard Albrecht

Haus & Holz B. Albrecht GBR - Bau- und Möbeltischlerei
Morgensternstr. 31, 31787 Hameln, Tel. 0 51 51 - 1 72 05

Ladenbau und Einzelhandel mit Objekteinrichtung Altenheime

Tischlerei Heinrich Hagen

The virtual presentation of our company is more than successful. We register more inquiries than before and we are also very glad of national customer contacts.

Heinz-Gerd Hagen

Tischlerei Heinrich Hagen GmbH & Co. Kommanditges.
Eichenkamp 47, 48720 Rosendahl, Tel. 0 25 47 - 207

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